Friday, February the 2nd at 20.00
Big jew’s harp concert and club

Cätlin Mägi CD presentation, Meisterjaan, Katariin Raska, Tom Willy Rustad (Norway), Áron Szilágyi (Hungary)
Venue: Club Sinilind, Müürivahe street 50, Tallinn
Tickets: 7/10

Saturday, February the 3rd at 11.00 - 24.00

Workshops all day, free stage and dance in the evening.
Teachers: Juhan Suits, Cätlin Mägi, Ulvi Võsa, Meisterjaan, Katariin Raska, Andres Siimann, Tom Willy Rustad (Norway), Áron Szilágyi (Hungary) etc.
Venue : Erinevate Tubade Klubi, Telliskivi Loomelinnak, building A1, IV floor, Tallinn
Ticket for the whole day: 7/10

Sunday, February the 4th at 15.00 

Concert-play „Parmu pill“
Katariin Raska solo album presentation

Concert-play „Parmu pill“ („Instrument of tabanus“) is telling stories. It is the first cooperation of Katariin Raska and Kadri Skudra Suits which is created by the jaws harp music played in the environment of the museum and installations that are created by the art of puppet theatre. In their own way both artists like music, performing arts and the mixture of different mediums. The music is based on the new album of Katariin Raska „Parmu pill“. The menthor of the performance is Maria Usk.

Venue: Nukuteater, Lai 1/ Nunne 4
Tickets 9/12

(NB! Limited amount of seats, we recommend to book tickets in advance)



Registration is required to participate at Saturday’s workshops. No registration is needed for the concerts, you are most welcome to come and enjoy the best players. Tickets are available in Piletilevi, in NUKU Theatre and at the door.

The Jew’s Harp Festival, which takes place for the fifth time on February 2-4, 2018, is inviting everyone who has a Jew’s harp waiting to be played, to come and take their first steps with the best Estonian Jew’s harp players. The festival program grants great concerts and a possibility to perform on the open stage. We are expecting participants from Estonia and from abroad.

The festival offers workshops for beginners and advanced players, collective jam sessions and a chance to be at the creation of the Jew’s Harp Orchestra. At the concerts, you will hear the Jew’s harp played both in solo and in a group.

We recommend to take along your own intrument, but you can also borrow or buy one at the festival.

NB! If you want to learn to play the instrument then be sure to registrate for the workshops. The beginners are advised to arrive at the beginning of the day for the first workshops.


Performers and teachers at the festival:

Áron Szilágyi (Hungary) is one of the most acknowledged Jew’s harp players in the world. He learnt to play the Jew’s harp at the age of 3 and has been an active stage performer since 1997. Made three solo albums, and numerous recordings with his bands and different music projects. Áron’s playing style is dynamic, intense, experimental that really awakes the ancient vibes in every listener. Inner journeys from Siberia throughout Transylvania on the wings of of a very ancient trance instrument.

Tom W. Rustad (Norway) is a traditional folk musician and lives in Sør-Fron in Gudbrandsdalen. His traditional music education started in early years learning from his grandfather (William) and his father (Willy). Tom W. plays jew’s harp guitar, cister, diatonic accordion, contrabass, and willow-flute. He has among his musical career recieved many first prize medals at the “Landskappleiken” for all the instruments he plays. In 1999 and 2006 Rustad and the other members of the band Kvarts, won the Norwegian Grammy Spellemannsprisen. Tom W. Rustad is the leader at the folk music department at Vinstra vidaregåande skole- a school for special talented students playing Norwegian folk music.

Cätlin Mägi is a traditional musician and a passionate Jew’s harp player who has always been enthusiastic about making the world a better place through her music. And now, she has a brand new approach! On her new solo album, she is uniting the “voices” of half a hundred Jew’s harps – all a little different, yet the same. Cätlin sees this as a joyful way to emphasise and celebrate the beauty in diversity and introduce Estonian traditional music to an international audience. “My Harp – My Heart” is also a declaration of love for traditional music and the Jew’s harp.

It has been exactly ten years since Katariin Raska played her first tune on a jew's harp. Among varied musical activities, the project of jew's harp represents the pure traditional music. Playing for dance is the most challenging and enjoyable way of using that small but mysterious instrument. The new solo album "Parmu pill", which in Estonian means instrument of tabanus, is dedicated to Estonian music and jaws harps. Katariin's new solo album gives a nice overwiew of traditional jaws harp playing in Estonia today.

Meisterjaan’s performances include archaic jew’s harps, his voice, looper and live-electronics. His music represents a symbiosis between ancient and modern thinking as well as ancient and modern technologies. Having a techno-music background, he knows how to make people dance - having a deep connection with the nature and Estonian folklore, he knows how to induce the trance.

Juhan Suits is one among the best Estonian traditional wind instrument players, performing at almost every important folk music event. The traditional horn tunes he plays are on every folk music compilation CD-s issued during last years. He plays Estonian bagpipe, horns, whistles and jew’s harps in an Estonian-Ukrainian world music band Svjata Vatra and works as a lecturer of traditional wind instruments. Juhan will give workshops of traditional Estonian tunes at the festival.

Andres Siimann is an excellent jew’s harp player, who has gathered around him a group on jew’s harpers in Tartu. The group Tartu Parmupilliaktiiv perform now and then on different occasions using variously tuned jew’s harps. Andres will teach jew’s harp playing for the beginners.

Ulvi Võsa got acquainted with jew’s harp during her studies of traditional music at Viljandi Culture Academy. She plays also Estonian bagpipe, overtone flute and soprano saxophone. For her, the jew’s harp is a very enchanting instrument because of its archaic sound and endless playing possibilities. Ulvi prefers to play Estonian traditional repertoire on jew’s harp. She will give workshops of traditional tunes at the festival.

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